Cloud software for small and medium travel agencies and small tour operators

Cloud software for travel agencies

Third party system integration

XML for website

The system has an XML interface that can be used to register bookings from the agency website. This simplifies the invoicing process for website bookings

Tickets from GDS

The system can import PNRs from Travelport Galileo, Travelport Worldspan or Amadeus, using a dedicated ticketing server that automatically generates bookings that can be invoiced

Import database

The system can import partners, invoices or other documents from old softwares used by the agency, if the data can be exported from these softwares

Internet banking

The system imports internet banking transactions and generates payments and collections that are distributed over invoices

Accounting system integration

The system can export sales and purchase invoices, collections and payments, settlements to dedicated accounting systems

Automatic inventory integration

The bookings from inventory system are managed directly by the back office

Automatic IBE integration

The bookings from Online IBE (Internet Booking Engine) are managed directly by the back office

Any other source

The system can import bookings using API from any other sources