Cloud software for small and medium travel agencies and small tour operators

Cloud software for travel agencies


Multiple GDS
The Online IBE directly integrates all major GDSs through Web Service XML interface.

  • Travelport Galileo using uAPI
  • Travelport Worldspan using uAPI
  • Amadeus usign ePower

Search engine
Search criteria for departure city or airport, destination city or airport, departure and return dates, one way or return, just direct flight, flexible dates, number of passengers per type (adults, infants, children and seniors)

Result filtering
Filter result list by airline carrier, departure and destination airport, direct flights or stop overs, stop over duration, timetable for departure and arrival and budget

Fare rules
On each flight details, just before making the booking, the system updates and shows on user request the fare rules from GDS.

Online booking
When a booking is made online, the system creates a PNR within the GDS with all the details about airline carrier, flight routes and dates, passengers and any other details that were collected during the booking.

Credit card payments
For both B2Cc and B2B channels, the system can integrate global or local credit card processors. Together with back office integration and autoticketing, the ticket is automatically issued when paid online.

B2B bookings
The bookings made on the B2B channel can be made with payment by credit card or payment within a credit limit set up for the reseller

B2B rates
On the B2B channel based on reseller level, the system allows to set up different service fees.

Autoticketing & Autoinvoicing
Together with back office integration the Autoticketing feature automatically issues the ticket and the Autoinvoice feature automatically issues the invoice when the booking is paid online.