Cloud software for small and medium travel agencies and small tour operators

Inventory for Hotels

Hotel details

  • name and description
  • city and country
  • location within the city
  • hotel and room facilies
  • pictures and movies
  • ratings and reviews

Hotel rates

  • hotel seasons
  • types of rooms
  • types of meals
  • rates/night and rates/periods
  • rates/age

Hotel availability

  • allotments
  • commitments
  • on request
  • stop sale
  • subcontracts

Cancellation policies

  • customisable rules
  • nights before check-in
  • due dates after booking
  • fixed or percent
  • no shows

Extranet for hotels

  • accounts for hotels
  • input rates
  • input availability
  • XML integration

Flight routes

  • flight details
  • routes
  • number of seats
  • time tables

Flight rates

  • one way or return
  • class of service
  • passenger type (PTC)
  • days between flights
  • airport taxes

Flight availability

  • number of seats
  • stopovers
  • subcontracts
  • seats map


  • XML interface for resellers
  • hotel content
  • flights
  • resellers rates
  • online bookings

B2B2C Affiliates

  • co-branded
  • iFrame
  • stand alone
  • hotel content
  • flights

Back Office integration

  • B2B and B2C bookings
  • XML bookings
  • credit limit
  • autoinvoicing
  • print & email documents
  • my account

Q Travel CLoud Inventory for Hotels

Q Travel Cloud Inventory for Hotels is the solution that allows you to manage your own rates and availability for hotels and flights.

The solution for hotels allows you to define room types, rate types and meal types. When editing, the hotel seasons can be defined, for each hotel, to easily input and manage periods. The hotel rates can be broken down by the number of persons in room, their ages and days of the week. The hotel availability can be expressed as commitments or it can have a release date. The solution offers extranet for hotel suppliers to input their rates and availability.

The flights Inventory for Hotels allows you to input routes for charter flights or negotiated fares. The date of flights and the availability can be very fast edited allowing you to define the number of available seats and the number of blocked seats for each class of service. The flight rates can be defined depending on one way or return flights, type of passenger, class of service and the number of days between the outbound flight and the inbound flight.

Availabilities and rates can be defined for reseller and special discounts can apply for packages.

Both hotels and flights can be sold together with other suppliers outside the dynamic package or inside the dynamic package. The sales can be done on B2C or B2B interface with different markups. XML web services are available for resellers.

Q Travel Cloud Inventory for Hotels is integrated with Q Travel Cloud Booking Engine and Q Travel Cloud Mid Back Office.