Cloud software for small and medium travel agencies and small tour operators

Purchase invoices and payments

Automatic invoice pagination

Based on booking items the user can automatically register the purchase invoices.

Proforma and Fiscal

The system can register both proforma (temporary) purchase invoices or fiscal purchase invoices.

Multicurrency payments

A purchase invoice can be paid in multiple currency. The system calculates the equivalents in the invoice currency using exchange rates.

Payment types

Payment types include cash, wire transfer and credit card. Other payment types can be defined as needed.

Multiple search criteria

A purchase invoice can be searched for by multiple ciriteria: issue date, due date, partner name, number, office.

Custom fields

The user can define custom fields to use on the purchase invoice.


The system has a lot of standard reports for purchase invoices. The user can report daily purchased invoices, invoices on due, invoices grouped by supplier and many other.

External documents

The user can assign external documents to each invoice i.e. scanned image of the original invoice, confirmations.

Payment distribution

A payment can be distributed to many purchase invoices. The system simplifies the process by displaying unpaid purchase invoices grouped by supplier.