Cloud software for small and medium travel agencies and small tour operators

Sale Invoices, collections and automatic invoicing


ANAF export e-Invoice

Electronic invoices can be exported in XML format accepted by ANAF. Then they can be uploaded in the ANAF application, the RO e-Invoice register.

Automatic booking invoicing

The system generates invoices based on the booking items. This way the invoicing process is simplified and always accurate. The system uses predefined VAT rules for invoicing.

Automatic due dates calculations

The user can define due dates rules and the system will automatically apply those rules in the invoicing process. Many types of rules are supported: by check in, by issue date, by date interval of the month.

Multiple booking invoicing

The user can select multiple bookings for invoicing at the same time. The bookings can be invoiced in a single invoice or separately.


When a booking made on the website is paid online, the system can be configured to automatically issue the invoice and send it to the customer.

Proforma and Fiscal

The system can invoice both proforma (temporary) invoices or fiscal invoices.

Print and Email

Each invoice issued by the system can be sent by email directly from the software or can be printed on paper.

Multilanguage templates

The user can define invoice templates in as many languages as needed. The templates are very easy to use and don't require special knwoledge.

Multicurrency collection

An invoice can be collected by multiple currency payments the way client paid it. The system calculates the equivalents in the invoice currency using exchange rates.

Collection types

Collection types include cash, wire transfer and credit card. There can be defined as many collection types as needed.

Multiple search criteria

An invoice can be searched for by multiple criteria: issue date, due date, partner name, number, office, user.


The system has a lot of standard reports for invoices. The user can report daily issued invoices, invoices on due, invoices grouped by partner and many other.

Custom fields

The user can define custom fields to use on the invoice. This can be useful when special clients have special needs for displaying on the invoice.

External documents

The user can assign external documents to each invoice i.e. scanned image of the printed invoice, confirmations.

Automatic VAT calculation

The system automatically calculates the VAT and taxes based on bookings service types and predefined rules.


The user can define numbering ranges and the system will generate the invoice numbers within defined ranges.

Collection distribution

A collection can be linked to multiple invoices. When distributing a collection the system helps the user by displaying the list of uncollected invoices of a partner and simplifies the collection distribution.