Cloud software for small and medium travel agencies and small tour operators

Administration and user profiles

User profiles

The systems stores data from all users into users' profiles. Each profile includes specific information about the user: name, email, password, user' access level.

Access level

Based on their profiles, users have granted or restricted access to different levels of the software.


Each operation generated into Q Travel Cloud Back Office has a timestamp which is stored in the database.

E-mail templates

Q Travel Cloud Back Office provides preset or personalized templates for different types of emails depending on their addressability and content.

Document templates

Q Travel Cloud Back Office provides different types of templates for each type of document such as invoice, contract or voucher


Q Travel Cloud Back Office welcome screen is a dashboard that can be personalized for each user' profile with charts and other info that is relevant.

Documents numbering

A different range of numbers can be preset for each document generated by Q Travel Cloud Back Office.

Service types

Services types relates to travel services or any other services and each type has VAT preset by the system, according to its category.

Custom fields

Various custom fields for different types of documents can be configured into Q Travel Cloud Back Office on request.

Multiple offices

Multiple offices configuration allowing workflow and management on each one separately or together.